Did you know you can buy Real Estate in an IRA?

The Real Estate market is booming again. Now you can invest your IRA in real estate. The most promising, untapped source of funds for real estate investments is the $4.2 trillion dollar Individual Retirement Account (IRA) sector. Let me help you find a prime piece of investment real estate to help you balance your portfolio and meet your financial goals. Many investors are unaware of how to purchase real estate in an IRA, but it is easy. Let me show you how to get started today.

“Learning to invest IRA funds into real estate may be the most important decision real estate professionals make this year,” – Dave Owens, CPA and Managing Member AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC. “By using IRA funds to invest in real estate, you’re taking advantage of the low prices, a buyer’s market, and the abundance of beautiful property.”

Several Factors are lining up to make Florida Real Estate a great value again

- Great deals

- Interest Rates near historic lows

- Insurance rate decreases

- Property Tax Reform

Everyone is looking for opportunities with their retirement dollars. Why not invest in solid assets? Current opportunities include:

- Land (i.e. Lots)

- Rentals (i.e. Houses and Condominium or Commercial)

- Residential Flips

Please call and let us show you some great investment properties that are available to purchase through your IRA: 941-564-6358